Project Description

Food Markets

Our Mission

To engage and enhance a sense of community for tenants and staff of Corporate Parks during lunch time, in order to improve staff retention, and work-life balance.

Our Challenge

Create a fun and safe environment for six Corporate Parks, each week during the Summer time, as well as  managing different food vendors and entertainers.

Our Goal

To create a great outdoor summer experience for the Corporate Parks’ Community, aiming to achieve good people management and business effectiveness.

Food Markets Experiences 

We are lovers of food at 1 Plus Events. No event is a success unless the food is not just good but great. After years of working on outdoor events and corporate parks, we decided to grow our Markets not just as markets but as experiences. Our weekly markets are renowned for their special atmospheres, great tastes and hilarious banter.
As part of the Live Work Play programme in Central Park, work-life balance and staff retention issues in different corporate parks, we were asked to create a food market to engage the community of people working and living in the areas around the business parks. Lunch time saw the markets burst into life with artisan producers of wood-fired pizza, falafel, Asian fusion, Argentinian Grill, fresh fish and so much more, preparing and selling their delicious foods. The distinct festival atmosphere was created by adding entertainment elements and activations around special occasions such as 4th of July, Pride and Summer Parties. Corporate Parks include Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Millennium Park, Nova Atria, Central Park, Citywest Business Park and Arena Business Park.

What We Provided

Event Planning, Event Management, Event Production, Food Market Vendors, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Photography, and Video.


The lunch time marks have a proven record of improving the work-life balance, staff retention, and foster a sense of community within the park. People from all the Corporate Parks involved in the 1 Plus Events Food Markets and the community around enjoyed a variety of tasty dishes. From artisan & ethnic food vendors, along with superb coffee, ice cream, entertainment and social activities, all at once place and without any hassle, making it a great time to improve the work-life balance for all the employees and tenants.