In the first half of 2021, we have produced five large virtual events including two music festivals and three award ceremonies, and many small events for our community. In June, we managed Ireland’s first Pilot live event since the pandemic stroke over a year ago. Also, as the retail industry is reopened, we are glad to be part of the process with our digital marketing expertise.

It’s exciting to see how the event business is slowly recovering, and for that we’re truly grateful. Join us for a quick flashback of our works in the first half of 2021.

Work Anniversary of our very own Karl and Jhon

We are celebrating work anniversary from 2 of our employees. Karl, our Community Manager, who joined us last January, has led some of our best projects and played an essential role in gathering our online community together. Jhon has been our Media Designer since March 2018. He is a talented content creator who made all our advertising, marketing campaigns and virtual event productions possible. Thanks to Karl, Jhon and the team’s effort, we are able to produce more events than last year (both virtual and physical!) Well done, lads!

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Irish Music and Culture

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, St Patrick’s Day was unfortunately cancelled in 2020. After a full year of reboot, we were bringing the craic back with two virtual celebrations: Galway Sessions 2021 and Sláinte Festival.

In collaboration with Galway Sessions Online and Galway City Council, we have relaunched the long-waited Galway Sessions, featuring some of the best traditional Irish musicians and entertainers. Seeing the passion that these artists brought to the (online) crowd was amazing. What a true meaning of ‘Apart Together’ and a special celebration of St Patrick’s Day. Check out the full performance here.

Sláinte Festival is entirely produced by 1 Plus Events, which is something we haven’t done before. (This Covid thing is really an innovation to the event business!) We invited numbers of international-renowned artists to perform in some of the most iconic and historical venues around the country. Our aim was simple: make this festival 100% Irish. We are proud to present authentic Irish culture to the global audience on this scpecial day, and can’t wait to see you next year!

Virtual Awards Ceremonies and Community Building

We have presented three virtual awards ceremonies in the past couple months: Maynooth University Clubs & Socs Awards, Maynooth University Student Experience Awards, and Dublin City University Clubs & Socs Awards. We wanted to present these ceremonies in a combination of fun and seriousness, which created a sense of presence as if the audience were attending with friends. Students were encouraged to take part of interviews, which were to feature in the events. Collectively, they have shaped a positive and caring image for the campus community. We’re proud for all staff and students who brought the best of them, especially in this full-time online academic year.

Maynooth Univerity Clubs & Socs Virtual Awards 2021 - 1 Plus Events

Live Events Are Back to Ireland!

The summer is here, and so are the live events. We have been asked to manage Ireland’s first Pilot Live Show in the Iveagh Gardens & The Royal Hospital Kilmainham. Our team were responsible for event management, crowd control and on-site security. This National Concert Hall performance has a record selling out time. It was an unbelievable experience to bring back live concert with audience. Great to see so many familiar faces in a field from the event industry such as production, health and safety, press, musicians and all the music lovers after such a long time.

That’s a warp, but we’re not stopping here. More summer events/festivals are coming, and we are ready for the next challenge! Stay safe, and we’ll see you this summer.