Project Description

DCU Virtual Freshers Week

Our Mission

Produce an hour-and-half live event and broadcast for the Dublin City University (DCU) community.

Our Challenge

Bring the unique Freshers Week event to a virtual world in the COVID-19 times.

Our Goal

Create a memorable virtual experience for Freshers Week events in Dublin City University (DCU).
Connected TV logo design

The First-Ever Virtual Freshers Week

As an event company, we must learn how to coexist with COVID-19. To create an enjoyable but safe event, we had to adapt the traditional Dublin City University (DCU) Freshers Week to give the students a virtual experience like no other! DCU Connected TV was a first of its kind for the college. Following strict social distancing guidelines, we shot and produced an hour and a half live event featuring Live Music, Cooking, Comedy, and all the key messages from the Students’ Union and college staff.

What We Provided

Live Event, Virtual Event, Live Streaming, Event Management, Event Production, Venue Arrangement, Act Booking, Video Production, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Animation.


DCU Connected TV was a huge success engaging students from all over the country when they couldn’t be together physically. We brought the Students Union, Students, Staff, Top Musical Talents, Chefs, Comedians together in a really unique experience for the students of Dublin City University. Watch the full video here.