Project Description

CoderDojo Coolest Projects

Our Mission

Built the world’s largest tech show for children.

Our Challenge

Designed the exhibition for 800 projects, including 2 main events and an awards ceremony.

Our Goal

Created a safe and fun environment to accommodate thousands of adults and children.
CoderDojo Coolest Project

World’s Largest Tech Show for Children

The Coolest Projects by CoderDojo offers young people around the world the opportunity to showcase their innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and technology skills. It is a competition and also an exhibition for all the projects created by these international junior scientists and inventors. We carefully designed and installed the event site at RDS to make it a safe and enjoyable environment. Since thousands of people were expected to attend, it was a huge challenge to produce the event and manage the crowd.

What We Provided

Event Management, Event Production, Venue Arrangement


It was a massive project that there were over 10,000 attendees throughout the weekend. We produced CoderDojo Coolest Projects from 2014 – 2017 and were nominated for a number of industry awards. To see the determination, confidence, and smiles on those little faces makes it our favourite event.
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  • Coderdojo Coolest Project Awards Ceremony
  • Coderdojo Coolest Project at RDS 2017
  • Coderdojo Coolest Project at RDS 1
  • Coderdojo Coolest Project 1
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