Check out our Virtual Events Show Reel!

Since last March, all physical events were either cancelled or postponed. It has been a difficult time for everyone, especially for small businesses. Luckily, we found our way to offer value to our clients and customers – online events production. It all started small. Our first virtual event was a pub quiz for our corporate clients. It was simple but had an important key to a successful online event: creating a sense of community. Our creativity and fast response have won us opportunities to produce larger events virtually – from award ceremonies, university events to international music festivals

It’s good to see our development of producing virtual events, but it’s even better to welcome back outdoor events. Earlier this month, we had the honour to manage Ireland’s first Pilot live show in the Iveagh Gardens. Followed by strict social distancing guidelines, this NCH concert has a record selling out time, and we’re thrilled to bring live music and culture back to the society. Great to see so many faces from the industry again after such a long time.

We believe that virtual and physical events will co-exist in the near future, and we’re ready for the next challenge. Covid-19 may have fundamentally changed our way of living, but it never changed our dedication to pursue a better life! Let’s bring the community together!

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