Project Description

The Revs Concert

Our Mission

Give Irish fans once again the opportunity to enjoy their favourite band performing a live show.

Our Challenge

To bring together the Irish musicians after more than 10 years apart for a live concert in Dublin.

Our Goal

Manage to have sold-out tickets of the gig and offer the people a great concert experience.
The Revs concert

The Revs at The Academy

Three childhood friends were successfully reunited after years apart (music-wise) to perform a live concert for their fans in Dublin. The indie rock band from Kilcar, County Donegal in Ireland, was formed on the eve of the 2000 millennium by Rory Gallagher (bass guitar and vocals), John McIntyre (guitar, vocals) and Michael O’ Donnell (drums, percussion).
After three albums and countless tours of Europe, Australia and the US, they called it a day in 2006. However, THE REVS took it all back after more than 10 years to sweat it out once again, and we are proud to be the ones involved in this huge event for the Irish pop culture.

What We Provided

Event Planning, Event Management, Event Production, Venue Arrangement, Stage Management, Live Event, Social Media Management, Video Production


Irish fans enjoyed the indie rock band from Donegal performing live in a full house at The Academy Theatre in Dublin. The show lasted about 1 hour and 30 vibrant minutes. No incidents were registered.
Listen to the revs