Project Description

Blanchardstown Summer BBQ

Our Mission

To engage and delight the community in Blanchardstown Corporate Park.

Our Challenge

Create a space at lunchtime for the community to eat and socialise, while feeding 500 people.

Our Goal

To create a great outdoor summer experience for the Blanchardstown Corporate Park Community.
BBQ Poster Design

Food Market at Corporate Park

Having a big BBQ party at Blanchardstown Corporate Park is a must for the community every summer. It is designed to welcome hundreds of people in the community to a lunchtime feast. To create a perfect food market event, we reached out to many food vendors and professional musicians who’ve been working with us for years. We created and installed the event site, including sound equipment, power supply, dining furniture, and entertainment area. A marketing campaign was launched through social media, newsletters, and flyer distribution.

What We Provided

Event Planning, Event Management, Event Production, Food Market, Social Media Management, Poster Design, Video Production


People from the Blanchardstown Corporate Park community enjoyed a variety of tasty dishes from artisan & ethnic food vendors, along with superb coffee, ice cream, entertainment and social activities. We didn’t feel like we were working because it’s so much fun!

“Great opportunity to get the tenants and employees together to mingle on this very relax BBQ atmosphere.”

Peter Mallon , Estate Manager

“Employees here they tend to stick in the office so having meeting and corporate events like this fosters a sense of community within the park.”

Anne-Marie Mackin, Café Park - Owner

“When you have a bit of company at lunch-time you get to relax and then your afternoon is much better.”

Marcia, Guidewire Softaware

“It’s lovely to have a few hours out of the office just to chill, it’s good for the heads peace.”

Dawn, Avadel Pharmaceuticals

“It’s great to organise something like this to get out and meet new people and get some fresh air then when you go back you will be better at work.”

Ryan Mills, Little Lizard Gaming